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Roadmap to Finding Top Talent

Find the right people with the right skillset and mindset to fit your culture today and adapt for the challenges tomorrow…

It’s important for any business to find the right people with the right skillset and mindset to fit your culture today and adapt for the challenges tomorrow— helping bring lasting change to your business.

Partnering with you on retained basis allows us to understand the intricacies of your business, your people, your objectives and manage the process on your behalf outside of your day-today business, not just for one off recruitment but a full partnership that allows us to create a pool of leaders right for the successes and challenges your business has to come.

Using some of the best tools in the industry, including digital assessments, recruitment technology, psychometric testing and success profiles will show you what good looks like in every role. Industry connections and a vast talent database are used to find top talent quickly—then we get them excited about joining you and your team.

You’ll be delivered only high-calibre candidates who have what it takes to succeed and get ahead in your sector.

Importantly, your time is valuable so using our 8-point methodology allows you to be confident that we are taking care of the process for you and delivering what you need, here is what sets us apart.

+ Evaluation

The first part in any journey to building a strong leadership team is to understand the strengths and weaknesses, the personalities, aspirations and values behind each of the individuals, only then can you truly understand what is required of your next leader to ensure your business to achieve growth and positive change. Our evaluation programme uses Thomas International with your existing team to recognise where your business requires change.

Case Study Thomas International

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+ Consultation

Here you will get to understand the team working on your behalf, a detailed look at the placement you require, the type of expertise and leadership qualities you need and its the impact this role will have within your business. You'll be given a full proposal, service level agreement and a full project plan so you are clear on costs and terms ensuring you are clear on the full process and timelines to getting your next business leader.

+       Access

Our fact finding mission starts here to gain a full understanding of your business, the market place and even your competitors to ensure that your next leader is ready for the challenge. Market research will be conducted and fed back to you and your team so you understand how the market tis moving and so we meet all your expectations. Our initial steps to identifying clear leaders in the database and through market knowledge and contacts we begin conversations with key people with full discretion.

+   Engagement

This is where the fun begins, initial interviews take place to identify the motivations behind the candidates and what they will bring to your organisation, full assessments are completed and psychometric testing using the world renowned Thomas International take place. We have a standing within the Engineering and Manufacturing industries that is hard to surpass, people trust us through this tried and tested system.


+       Selection

From here will will start to introduce you to our selection of those that are the right fit for your business. Every business has its own processes so we will engage in your own internal interview process. The team is on hand to guide and support, from helping you with your selection of interviewees, the best questions to ask to get the most from your time with the candidate to attending the interviews as a third party mediator who can give you unbiased feedback. Whatever suits you, your process and your business, we are here to help.

+       Delivery

Once you are in a position to make an offer, our team will help manage the negotiation process. This is a key area and one that needs expertise, balance and empathy. You want to offer the best package to secure your potential new leader so we take the xxxxx on your behalf to guarantee a successful conclusion for all parties.


+       Aftercare

And we don't leave it at the invoice! Its important to us that you and your leadership team are comfortable and working well, so we will contact you for post placement feedback and anything we can do to support you and your new placement, we are here to help.

Longevity in a leadership role is key to building change and success to any business so our guarantee to you is straight forward. Your next leader will have been prepared well, understand you and your industry and through Thomas International will be clearly align with your leadership team, that we guarantee that they will be in position for many years to come, if not we replace them … see more details on our guarantee.

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