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Team Evaluation Assessments

Is it time to get the TEA...

Team Evaluation Assessments is a unique offering to our contacts to enable you to have a full overview of those in the leadership roles of your business. In partnership with the world renown Thomas International, in just 8 minutes each, you can have complete clarity of the strengths and weakness of your team like never before.

Whether you are currently recruiting or not, knowing your team, and understanding their traits (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Compliance) and key characteristics you need in specific roles to help your organisation thrive.

Having a balanced team will create a proactive environment for achieving growth and positive change. And when you are looking to add to the team, you will be clear ahead of time what you need any new leader to bring with them to the table.

That's why we offer this service separately so you can use the information today to motivate and engage your current team and to understand for the future what is needed in strengthening that team. Here is how it works...

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