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Candidate Experience

Whatever Your Motivation

Contract work brings many flexible benefits to working life. ATA Contract Recruitment Solution values every contractor and their choices in how they want to work.

  • Is it a lifestyle choice?– you want to work certain shifts or for periods of time without long term commitment so it’s your choice to get the right work life balance?

  • Are you in transition?– from one role to another and want a contract to help you get your foot in the door of a company you know of or into a new sector?

  • Are you wanting to find a way to reduce your hours in the latter years of your career?

Whatever your reasons for how you want to manage your working time, ATA Contract Recruitment Solutions are here to support you.

Our commitment to you

  • You will work with a team who have more than 45 years’ experience in the engineering and technical sectors, so we know a thing or two and a few people.

  • You’ll find a fiercely loyal team who will work with you to gain you new contracts as and when you need them. As one contract comes to an end, we will be working on getting you your next contract for as soon as you are ready.

  • Your timesheets and contracts will be looked after by our expert team who are on hand 24 hours when necessary to ensure you are in solid, safe working practices.

  • You will be paid on time every week and rare as they are, any issues will be resolved within 24 hours. This is your money, and we never forget that.

  • We work tirelessly to have clients understand your value and what you delivered to help their business in tough times and busy times is always our priority.

Let us take the strain out of where your next contract is and send your CV to us, we’ll be in touch or simply call us on 01234 567890 to discuss what opportunities are ‘live’ right now.


You have the skills; we have the opportunity!