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Flexible Staffing Brings Great Benefits To Your Business

All Businesses need to flex on a regular basis. Changes to demand, staff movement and technical support are all reasons to ensure you have solid options within your staff resourcing.

ATA Contract Recruitment Solution work with some of the leading names in the Engineering and Technical sectors across the UK. We have access to a database of over 40,000 contractors available to support your business opportunities. For this reason, we have an unparalleled ability to turn around any temporary or short-term requirements quickly, giving you security that your business is back on track and alleviating any potential interruption to supplying your customers.

All Contractors are thoroughly vetted by our team who, with over 45 years’ experience between them, know who you are looking for and how to find them. Likewise, it is extremely important to us to understand the contractor’s needs, so that when we match them to your opportunity, it works for everyone.

Many of our contractors work with us on an ongoing basis as we consistently deliver and build great relationships to understand what they can bring to your organisation.

Flexible staffing brings many great benefits to your business, such as cost. You understand the overheads of a full-time employee. Not only are you taking into consideration their salary, but typically around 30%% on top of that is other costs, such as sick pay, holidays, national insurance, training and other benefits. Having the ability to flex your workforce can be more cost effective for your business, temporarily bringing a reprieve to busy periods or adding in expertise that you don’t need on a full-time basis.

You have the opportunity; we have the skilled contractors.

Find out how ATA Contracts can help the flex in your business, call 01234 567890 or email xxxx and we can talk through how you alleviate any potential interruption to supplying your customers.