ATA Connect vs Video Conferencing
ATA Connect vs Video Conferencing

ATA Connect vs Video Conferencing

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The whole world has currently had to change and adapt to survive in the new climate, and the engineering and recruitment sectors are no different. With most business being carried out online and social distancing measures in place, how can companies continue to hire new staff safely, quickly and in line with the constantly evolving COVID-19 guidelines? We have the solution, and we believe that you will agree that ATA Connect will help you continue to hire efficiently, safely and seamlessly now and after the pandemic has passed.

One of the most common questions around specialist video interviewing software is, “yes it sounds good, but surely you can just use Zoom/ Microsoft Teams/Skype etc?”. Of course, these are all brilliant for video conferencing and since we’ve all been working from home, they have been great for keeping client, candidate, and internal meetings going ahead as planned. But that’s what they are designed for, video conferencing, not specialist video interviewing.

What’s the difference?

Technically they both involve video, audio and more than one party so in that sense, not much. The needs of a hiring manager are very different to those of someone attending a video conference however, so the platform, user interface and ways of using this technology are very different.

Here’s the main value ATA Connect can bring to you over just using other video conferencing software.

Live interviews

For starters, ATA Connect allows you to host either a live interview which can be recorded to watch back or a solo one-way interview, where the candidate answers predetermined questions in their own time to submit for review. Both forms of interview differ to telephone or other online interviews in that you don’t have to just take the consultant’s word for it that they are a match for the role, you can watch for yourself.

Effective shortlisting

We send you a link and all the videos of candidates that we believe are a match. This means all the candidates are in one place, so there is no need for multiple emails. We can also attach the candidate's CV, documents and any notes in with their video.

You save lots of time because if you don’t think they are a good fit for the role within the first 5 minutes of the interview you can either turn it off or skip to the questions you think are more important to make your decision. If the first stage interview was conducted on zoom, skype or teams and therefore not recorded, you wouldn’t know until the candidate sat in front of you (either live virtually or face-to-face) that they weren’t right but you would have to conduct the whole second stage interview anyway.

Support for candidates and clients

Our specialist video interviewing software has embedded training videos to metaphorically hold your hand while you’re getting set up. So, don’t be worried if you’re uncertain about the terms, “live interview”, “solo interview” or “shortlists” because there’s easy to understand instructional videos and demos to watch in your own time. And there’s a UK based support and development team who are there to help you or your candidates should any issues arise. Not only that, it is being hosted by a recruitment provider so if you don’t get the results you wanted, we’re already one step ahead in helping you find the right hire quickly and efficiently.

So yes, if you need to do some video you can use a conferencing facility. If, however you want an organised, sustainable and cohesive way of transforming your hiring for the ‘new norm’ then you should take a deeper look at ATA Connect.

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