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Engineering Recruitment


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ATA Recruitment is far more than just an engineering recruitment agency. As part of the RTC Group, we have resources and capabilities above-and-beyond many of our competitors. Working as a recruitment partner to several of the largest businesses in the UK, ATA has a proven track record of placements across engineering and manufacturing. Our processes are designed to add real value to our clients, and to make the job searching experience as easy as possible for our candidates.

Why ATA Recruitment

Choosing the right engineering recruitment agency for your business can be a tough task in a busy market, so we want to make it as easy as possible. Alongside our 50 years of experience, there are a number of reasons to use ATA as your recruitment partner. We've outlined a few of them below.

Engineering Recruitment


Clean and compliant data is at the heart of what we do and our internal database of over 40,000 relevant and engaged engineers gives our clients access to high-quality candidates not available on job boards.



Everything we do is designed for quality over quantity and our thorough recruitment processes enable us to find out much more than what's on a CV. Once we've completed our interview and screening process, you will receive a concise shortlist of only the best talent.



We pride ourselves on a truly personal service. You will have a dedicated Recruitment Consultant with a clear understanding of your business and the market you operate in, enabling you to hire engineers efficiently.


Market Knowledge

We have worked solely in the engineering market for over 50 years and maintain a consistent knowledge of the latest trends, projects and technology. Using our own data, we've produced engineering salary reports and infographics to add value to our clients during their recruitment process.



Unlike many other recruiters, you won't need to chase us. We provide regular updates during the recruitment process and we're completely transparent about progress.



We don't bombard you with candidates - the CVs you receive will have been subject to our vigorous recruitment processes beforehand. Every two submissions to our clients result in an interview.

2 Year Guarantee

Nothing we do at ATA is standard, and that includes our extended recruitment guarantee. The ATA Recruitment guarantee enables you to hire engineers with confidence in the knowledge that your recruitment partner has a vested interest in your success.

Before 8 Weeks

We work hard to identify and eliminate any risks during the recruitment processes, but if the unexpected was to happen, we’ve got you covered. We provide a completely free replacement or full refund if your new employee leaves within 8 weeks.

After 8 Weeks

If your new employee leaves after the first 8 weeks, most engineering recruitment agencies would offer a half price replacement up to 12 weeks. At ATA, we do things better. We will cover you with a half price replacement up to 2 years after employment.​​


Every permanent placement made at our standard fee is eligible for our 2 year guarantee. All other permanent placements will only be eligible for the half price replacement until 12 weeks.

Engineering Recruitment

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We understand that every engineering recruitment agency will describe itself as 'different', but we want to prove it. To discuss our effective processes, or to find out more about what we do and how we can help your business, contact us below.