Bhavesh Patel

Bhavesh Patel

Recruitment Consultant

 07704 543 752

My background in recruitment

I've worked in sales all my life. Before entering recruitment, 15 of those years were spent as a Sales Manager across several industries. During this time, I was responsible for planning and implementing sales strategies and objectives that aligned with the company’s vision and mission. I set realistic and challenging sales targets for my team, monitoring their performance and progress. I utilised data and analytics to evaluate the effectiveness of sales activities and identify areas for improvement. Additionally, I provided feedback and coaching to my team members, helping them develop their skills and reach their potential.

I can help you with

I specialize in talent acquisition for engineering businesses, focusing on Design, Projects, and Technical Sales roles. I offer consultation services to organisations of all sizes, understanding their hiring needs and connecting them with professionals across various roles and seniorities.

My clientele spans a spectrum of engineering companies, ranging from small start-ups to large multinational corporations, operating in diverse engineering sectors like aerospace, civil, electrical, and computer engineering. Within the realm of recruitment, my specialisation lies in sourcing for design and project roles, including mechanical designers, product designers, project managers, project engineers, and project coordinators. My track record speaks to the delivery of high-quality results, marked by a high retention rate and satisfaction among both clients and candidates.

Utilising a diverse set of tools and methods, I source, screen, and select the best candidates for each role. This includes leveraging online platforms, social media, referrals, networking, assessments, and interviews. Throughout the recruitment process, I provide comprehensive support and guidance, offering advice on CVs, interviews, feedback, and negotiation. My commitment to professionalism, reliability, and ethical practices underscores my approach, as I strive to build enduring relationships with both clients and candidates.

The best part of my job

I have the privilege of working with incredible individuals who share my passion for engineering. I assist them in discovering their dream jobs, supporting their growth, and fostering the development of their skills and careers. Additionally, I collaborate with engineering companies, aiding them in securing the best talent for their projects and facilitating the achievement of their goals and objectives.

What I do when I'm not in the office

I'm a family man, I spend majority of my time with them.