Adil Shaikh

Adil Shaikh

Recruitment Specialist

 07920 410 329

My background in recruitment

In my first role in recruitment, I transitioned from a sales position where I spent the past three years working at car showrooms. Starting as a sales executive and progressing to senior sales executive, my responsibilities included liaising with customers to find the right car for them, organising test drives, completing paperwork, ensuring compliance with GDPR regulations, handling finance approvals and activations with customers, conducting car handovers including follow-ups, and providing after-sales support by assisting customers with any issues, queries, or potential upgrades. Additionally, I focused on building a database of clients and continuously generating new leads.

I can help you with

I can assist in finding the right Maintenance Engineer contract for candidates by discussing their needs and requirements regarding location, shift patterns, and preferred industry. I aim to match them with the ideal contract that ensures their enjoyment and fulfilment, while also focusing on building relationships with the contractor to provide a one-stop service for future contracts and queries.

What sets me apart is my approach of not simply ticking boxes for requirements, but rather gaining an understanding of why candidates have specific needs. I take a genuine interest in the contractor, understanding their past experiences, future plans, and desired trajectory. For instance, if shift patterns need adjusting, I delve into the reasons behind this.

I enjoy engaging in meaningful conversations with candidates, learning about their past experiences, interests outside of work, and what motivated them to pursue engineering and contracting. Each contractor has a unique story, and I find it fascinating to hear about their journey and where they envision themselves in the future.

The best part of my job

I enjoy connecting with new contractors and nurturing relationships with them, even if there are no immediate roles available. Keeping in touch for a friendly chat allows me to maintain rapport and understand their evolving needs. My goal is to find the perfect contracting role for each candidate and successfully place them, ensuring their satisfaction and the client's needs are met.

What I do when I'm not in the office

I enjoy going to the cinema, hitting the gym, and indulging in watching series in my free time.


"The communication and professionalism were very good, and I also received feedback."

"Adil is highly professional, possesses excellent communication skills, and demonstrates empathy towards recruits. He kept me informed throughout the process, and even when the interview outcome was unsuccessful, he provided constructive and positive feedback. I would like to express my gratitude to Adil for his outstanding work in this regard."

"Adil demonstrated clarity and confidence when discussing the job role. He made extra efforts to ensure I felt at ease and thoroughly understood all the information provided via email. Additionally, he followed up with phone calls to discuss the details verbally. Adil's support was exceptional from the beginning to the end."