Happy person in suit
Happy person in suit

Candidate Experience

It's time to make your move

Are you ready for the next step in your career? Whether you are a seasoned professional with years of experience, or you come with an outside perspective and you know you have the drive to make a difference, we want to hear from you.

Working only for top organisations in the field of manufacturing and engineering, ATA Search are in a unique position to understand what selected opportunities are available and help align you to the right position for you and your future career plans.

​Not all leadership roles are not advertised on the open market. Only through ATA Search's network of contacts, industry knowledge and the trust we have built with market leading organisations, can you be assured that you will be connected with the best businesses requiring high performance leaders.

How to stand out in front of potential employers

You can also invest in our Self Evaluation Assessment to help you understand the traits and characteristics you offer, a great way of introducing you to potential new employers, whether that be with ATA Search or not.

Our fully trained career coaches will take you through the process of the world renown Thomas International Behavioural Assessment. From your results, we will be able to provide you with information about yourself you may not have known before, the type of leader you are and how you interact with peers and staff. This assessment will give you a completed report with all the information you need to make clear decisions on the roles available which best suit you, your values and your career agenda.


We keep you and your aspirations at the forefront of every step of the recruitment process, ensuring successful outcomes for both you and the organisation you are interviewing with.

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​Initially, your career coach will discuss your employment to date, your plans and aspirations to get an initial understanding of the type of roles you are interested in. We will then evaluate your CV to give us a clear understanding of you.



You will have an in-depth consultation on your expectations and the service offerings you require from ATA Search. By working with leading talent and a dedicated career coach, our first objective is to understand your personally as well as professionally by building effective working relationships to guide you through the recruitment process. You will have the opportunity to invest in a Self Evaluation Assessment which will give you a clear understanding of your strengths and areas for development. For more information, please discuss this with your career coach.



We work to understand your background, core strengths, personality, motivations and aspirations and work with you to shortlist you for active assignments. With your permission, we will proactively promote you to clients on a confidential basis. Presenting you to our network of clients and targets employers where confidential and strategic assignments are not advertised in the wider market.



Once we have identified a role with you we will engage with the business leaders to discuss your potential and how you would benefit their organisation.



Your career coach will work with you through the recruitment process to ensure you and the organisation are in sync and selection for both parties is the next step.



We will help you with your offer, and terms of business. We will manage the communications between both parties to ensure you are getting the best offer available. Once you have signed, we are on hand to help you with any onboarding issues.



Our job is not completed until you are onboard and comfortable so we will remain in contact and available to you for up to 6 months after you have joined your business.