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Team Evaluation Assessments

Complete clarity of your team’s emotional intelligence, behavioural and personality traits, and aptitudes, like never before

ATA Search's Team Evaluation Assessments is a unique offering to our clients to enable you to have a full overview of your current leadership team as well as your leadership pipeline. In partnership with the world-renowned Thomas International, you can have a complete assessment of the strengths, character profile and behavioural traits of your team.

Whether you are currently recruiting or not, knowing your team, and understanding their aptitudes, emotional intelligence, personality and behavioural traits and the key characteristics you need in specific roles, will help your organisation thrive. Having a balanced team will create a proactive environment for achieving growth and positive change. Then, when you are looking to add to the team, you will be clear ahead of time of what you need any new leader to bring with them to the table.

That's why we offer this as a stand alone service so you can use the information today to motivate and engage your current team and to understand for the future what is needed to strengthen that team.

What's in it for you and your team

Team Evaluation Assessments will help your team understand their strengths and the value they bring to the organisation, giving you the opportunity to boost the performance of your team as a collective. As a benchmarking tool, it enables you to set a template of the ideal culture, roles and leadership style required for your team to deliver its objectives. Once a benchmark team profile is created, a comparison report using the actual team members profiles is then formed. This detailed report analyses the make-up of the team by looking at individual roles, team dynamics and culture.

Inclusion Of New Team Members

Armed with the information on your current team as part of the hiring process, we evaluate those shortlisted so you can see how their traits and values will benefit the current culture, allowing you to adapt the team to be in a position of strength for the challenges and changes ahead. You may feel your team need a disruptor to shake things up or a negotiator to bring alignment to the team. Team Evaluation Assessments, powered by Thomas International, will support you to make these important decisions.

You will have access to a fully trained consultant who will run the assessments for you, create individual and team reports and talk through the outcomes and the impacts it will have on you as a business and with the individual on how this can provide them with clarity going forward.

If you want to better understand your leadership team, leave a message below and our consultants will be in touch