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Contractor of the quarter - Q2 2023

ATA Recruitment

Building great relationships is the key with our contractors, and we like to recognise the fantastic service they provide to our clients across the UK.

To gain insight into the day-to-day life of working as a contractor alongside ATA Recruitment, we interviewed our Contractor of the Quarter, Mark Hickingbotham.

​"Mark has been acting as one of two assigned Site Construction Managers supporting a CDM project, in addition Mark has also Project Managed the repair of a fire damaged public recycling facility, which by nature was an unplanned activity. The work was completed without compromising the daily operations and thereby minimised the impact to the business. Most recently, Mark project managed a time sensitive critical asset replacement, that had several challenges along the way, Mark demonstrated an agile approach to problem solving that ensured the asset was returned to service on time and within budget."

Philip Morley, Project Manager, Renewi UK Services Ltd

1. How long have you been a contractor for?

I have been a contractor on and off for around 20+ years

2. Why did you decide to go contracting?

I became a contractor originally when I finished my apprenticeship, and decided to leave the security of full time employment to try and make more money. Money has always been a motivating factor for most people regardless of age.

3. What is it you like about contracting?

I suppose the major benefit is the better rates, and the flexibility that you have in the work place. If you don't like a particular contract, you can always leave at short notice.

4.What don’t you like about contracting?

You only get paid for hours worked and there are no other fringe benefits that you get with permanent positions i.e holiday pay and other allowances.

5. What is the service that you provide?

Despite the fact that I am a contractor, I put all my effort in to represent the company that is paying me to the best of my ability. At the workplace you would not be able to distinguish me from a permanent staff member based on my performance.

6. What is the current project you are working on?

I am currently working on the rebuild of part of a waste treatment facility that burnt down. As loss adjusters are involved, there is the obvious need to follow certain protocols whilst at the same time attempting to put the facility back into an operational mode as quickly as possible. This in itself makes your job slightly more difficult/interesting.

7. Why do you think it’s a good idea for companies to use contractors? 

Because of the shortness of contracts, contractors will generally work longer hours, this benefits both parties.

8. How easy is it to run your own business and be a contractor? 

Its difficult because you have to employ professional people to look after your accounts and this is at a cost, but you do have the flexibility and ability to to create the time to ensure that your house is in order. If you don't it could be at a financial cost.

9. How long have you contracted via ATA?

Nearly 2 years

10. What is your feedback on the service that ATA provides

I have absolutely no complaints with ATA. They have been helpful throughout the time they have been representing me.

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