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ATA Search Insights Report 2023-2024

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ATA Search - Executive Insights Report 2023 - 2024

A comprehensive report of employer predictions, market trends and candidate behaviour across the UK, compiled using real ATA Search data.

Overall, the senior recruitment market was generally positive for 2023, which was supported by strong levels of business confidence at the start of the year amongst leaders and senior executives (74% of business leaders told ATA Search they had high / moderately high business confidence in January 2023).

However, the last financial year proved challenging for UK manufacturing businesses, with lots of businesses trying different tactics to navigate the choppy economic waters. As such, alongside highlighting Director and Management salaries and a full market synopsis, we have conducted interviews with various business leaders and HR professionals across different sectors on their recruitment strategies throughout 2023 and outlook on 2024.

This comprehensive analysis has been designed to assist you in developing competitive compensation packages that will support your business as you attract and retain top-tier leadership talent. Download the report using the form below and contact our Associate Director Stewart Jackson if you have any questions.


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