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Contractor of the quarter - Q1 2024

Steve Harrhy, Associate Director

Establishing strong relationships with our contractors is essential, and we take pride in acknowledging the excellent service they deliver to our clients throughout the UK.

To gain insight into the day-to-day life of working as a contractor alongside ATA Recruitment, we interviewed our Contractor of the Quarter, Jordan Biggs, our Contractor of the Quarter.

Jordan has been contracting for one of our clients as a Project Installation Engineer. He has visited several sites across the UK and has been involved in the Installation of a wide range of equipment in the food manufacturing sector. Machines that Jordan has installed have included conveyors, mixers, weighers, fillers, dryer, bagging and cartooning equipment and product labellers.

Jordan is multi-skilled engineer with a wide range of qualifications including a HNC in General Engineering, 18th Edition and C&G Level 3 in Electrical Installations. Jordan is a skilled Maintenance Engineer and can install and maintain both mechanical and electrical systems and components including control panels, switchgear, inverters, DC drives, PLC’s, motors, conveyors, bearings, and crankshafts.

Jordan has worked on several contracts for major international companies such as Premier Foods, Morrisons and IPS Culina. Following the completion of his current contract, Jordan is now looking to secure a new contract with a reputable company where he can add value to the organisation.

What did your last contract involve?

The last contract I worked on was on an installation project for a Food manufacturer. I was responsible for new machinery installation, machine moving, lighting upgrades and integrating new power supplies. I was involved from the installation phase through to commissioning and testing etc. Then the project would be handed over to the client so they could start production. I was responsible for electrical, mechanical and PLC elements of the project.

What are your key skills that you bring to an organisation as a contractor?

I am able to adapt to change quickly and can hit the ground running within any organisation. I find that I am excellent in working in any environment and adding value quickly to organisations that need support with their maintenance or installation projects. I have a great deal of experience within a variety of sectors including FMCG, Dairy and Automation.

Why did you decide to start contracting?

It gives me an amazing amount of freedom. I can contract when I want for various clients and move within them easily. It gives me flexibility and the ability to earn good money for the services that I provide. The variety of projects provide a real test for me and allows me to have control of my progression and career path.

What feedback do you have for ATA Recruitment?

I have really enjoyed working with Jon Caruso and ATA Recruitment. He has provided me with a great service and placed me in an exciting contract with a dynamic client. Another great thing about Jon was his excellent communication and transparency, he stayed in touch with me throughout the process and was always open and honest with feedback from the client.

Testimonial from the client

Jordan’s performance over the past 3 months has been excellent. He has been given a variety of complex tasks and tackled them autonomously, head on, with zero drama. He’s been extremely reliable and a great character to have around the business.

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