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ATA Contract Recruitment offer you a detailed and effective level of service to ensure that your next contract is the right one for you. With 100’s of clients that engage with contractors and an experienced and knowledgeable team of contract consultants who will help identify the right assignment for you.

Shortlisted in 2021 for Best Engineering Recruiter and with 100’s of clients that engage with contractors and an experienced and knowledgeable team of contract consultants who will help identify the right assignment for you.

New to contracting and don't know where to start?

It can be a nerve-racking decision, but the ATA team are well versed to help you set up as a flexible contract, guide you through IR35 and other compliance required. Work with you to understand the effects of HMRC on your financial status, all to ensure you are successful in having a work life balance that suits you and your family’s needs. Find out more about how you can get access to our wide range of contract opportunities by contacting us as soon as you can.

65% of our assignments are filled by contractors from our database, so as a candidate of ATA Recruitment you will have first access to many more opportunities across the UK.

Our average time to fill an assignment from initial brief is 4.5 days

Over 75% of our contractors are extended past the original contract end date

ATA contract place 1 contractor for every 1.68 client interviews

ATA fill 1 in 1.51 of the assignments we are briefed on

In 2021, we saw a 116% increase in the volume of assignments versus 2020


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Contractor Registration

Once you decide to engage with ATA, you will go through a registration process which will involve our skilled consultants establishing what your key skills are and what you are looking for in your future assignments so we can match you to the right opportunities. Once that process is completed, you will be added to our database and subsequently in pole position for the new contracts we identify with our clients.



After being briefed on an assignment by our client, we will use a variety of methods to generate a shortlist of contractors. Our most successful avenue is matching contractors already registered on our database, so it’s important we get you on it as soon as possible.


Preparation and Feedback

Once the client decides they would like to interview you, you will be given a great deal of support to help prepare for the interview. From a wide range of hints and tips on how to approach the interview and talk you through the STAR interview technique which will assist you in answering any competence-based questions the client may ask you. Following the interview, we will take your detailed feedback to pass onto the client.



If the client decides you are the contractor for them, you will be supported through the placement process. Our compliance team will send you the assignment details and all you will need to do is upload any required documents and information. Our aim is to make this process as simple and as effective for you as possible.



Once you have started, you will be made aware of the timesheet and payment process to ensure that you are paid correctly and on time. We will also be on hand to get yours and the clients feedback to ensure that your transition into the business is as smooth as possible and any issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently.