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Flexible staffing saves your business money. A permanent employee not only costs their salary, but typically around 33% on top of that in other costs, such as sick pay, holidays, national insurance, training and other benefits. Having the ability to flex your workforce can be more cost effective for your business, temporarily bringing a reprieve to busy periods or adding in expertise that you don’t require on a full-time basis.

Shortlisted in 2021 for Best Engineering Recruiter and with a database of over 40,000 contractors, a team with over 45 years’ experience and a reputation of delivering experienced people to organisations like yours across the UK, your people resourcing will never be in safer hands.

All contractors are thoroughly vetted by our team who know who you are looking for and how to find them. Likewise, it is extremely important to us to understand the contractor’s needs, so that when we match them to your opportunity, it works for everyone.

On average, our teams place will place a contractor 4.5 days after we receive your brief

65% of placements come from our database, many of whom won’t be on the open market

ATA have a ratio of 1.68 interviews per assignment filled

ATA fill 1 in 1.51 of the assignments we are briefed on

97% of the initial contract length agreed with the client is completed

Our contractor satisfaction rating is 4.7 out of 5


Find out more about how your staff resourcing is safe in our hands with an unrivalled process for getting your immediate business needs managed quickly, ultimately saving you time and alleviating any recruitment stress.

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Assignment brief

We will go into detail agreeing an assignment brief with you, saving you time, money and stress. We need to understand your business, your product, the technical elements of the role, the contract length and the budget. This in-depth conversation will give you the confidence that we will identify the right contractors quickly.


Sourcing your contractor

Having been in business for over 45 years and with full UK wide coverage, we pride ourselves on a top-quality database of over 40,000 people available to your business. You will not find a better, more comprehensive pool of contractors in the engineering market. ATA has a fantastic brand which results in high numbers of contractors replying to our adverts and gives us an enormous reach across our LinkedIn network. Finally, we use market leading AI software to identify contractors who have registered on a wide range of job boards. Using our expertise and reputation built up over several years, we will save you time, money, and stress because we will get it right first time.


Giving you choice

Business is about taking calculated risks, but there is no risk when working with ATA Recruitment. Our interviews are focused on building evidence of the contractors’ technical ability and decision making, taking away the stress for you in engaging with a contractor whilst also saving you time and money.


Your selection process

Next step is for you to interview your chosen contractors from the shortlist. Your contractor will be fully versed in the role you require of them and be ready for your questions, they will be guided to provide examples of previous projects so you can be confident you have the right solution. Our expert consultants will help support you through this selection process by taking feedback and mitigating the risk of any deal breakers, making sure that you secure the contractor that you want.


Securing your contractor

Once you are ready to make an offer, your ATA team will negotiate contracts and terms on your behalf. You will receive immediate communications on securing your new team member and our award winning compliance team are there to support with any paperwork required to ensure your business remains compliant with all UK legislation.



ATA Recruitment don’t just stop when your contractor is in place, we are always available to ensure everyone is comfortable and getting the results you need. This support continues through the contract giving you complete peace of mind. We conduct post placement interviews to give you real feedback to the process and follow up with a completion survey once the contract has ended