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Annual Executive Engineering Salary Report 2020

Download the Annual Executive Salary Report 2020

With the challenges of COVID-19, Brexit and IR35 still looming, Executive Search and Senior Leadership roles continue to play a key part in business strategies.

Having worked throughout the pandemic, it’s been evident that companies have taken the opportunity to evaluate their business, headcount, company structure, senior leadership teams and financials. As a result of this, the number of executives available has significantly increased and whilst companies have taken time to reconsider their businesses, candidates alike are also reconsidering their career paths.

Candidates are considering positions outside of their core expertise and fully recognise the importance of transferrable skills, creating great opportunities for many businesses to attract new talent.

We have seen an increased number of stages throughout the hiring process and more companies are considering external assessment tools such as Thomas International to strengthen the hiring process. Remuneration packages have been relatively static. Clients are still happy to pay more than the average to secure the “best” talent available.

Moving into 2021, leadership roles will continue to play an ever-key role in the direction of businesses and we are already starting to see the demand for expert leaders increasing.

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