Bounce back with ATA Contractors
Bounce back with ATA Contractors

Bounce back with ATA Contractors

Steve Harrhy, Associate Director

Bounce back with ATA Recruitment Contractors

According to a report compiled by REC and KPMG, the UK is facing the worst staff shortages since the late 1990s. Whilst this is across several industries, it is hitting the manufacturing and engineering sectors particularly hard. The demand for engineering and manufacturing staff is at its highest for several years and this is causing companies major issues keeping up with orders.

According to a recent report from the Open University:

  • 47% have said that failure to attract the right talent has had a serious impact of business agility and performance

  • 51% of permanent vacancies have been left unfilled

  • The industries average time to hire currently is 52 days, add 1 month notice could lead to 3 months to hire somebody. A contractor is a perfect stop gap solution until that person starts.

Hiring permanent engineers continues to be difficult, not only because of the shortage of engineers but also due to engineers not wanting to move roles in these uncertain times. Whilst it’s a challenge to recruit permanent engineers, a lot of companies are turning to contractors and temporary engineers to help plug the gap they are currently experiencing. This is a quick way to solve your staffing problems and is an easy, flexible, high-quality solution and here at ATA Recruitment we can help you with that.

In the last 3 months, we have experienced a high increase in demand for contractors.

  • The number of contract vacancies we have been briefed on by clients has doubled from Q1 to Q2

  • The number of contractors working through ATA has increased by 47%

  • ATA’s contract division is highly efficient and we continue to place around 60% of the vacancies we are briefed on.

How hiring an engineering contractor can help you as demand has increased

Hiring contractors is a great strategy to increase skills and grow teams especially when requirements are constantly changing. Contractors can be extremely useful in times through a permanent skill shortage as businesses try to keep up with demand for their product. There are many benefits that contractors can provide to your organisation, and we’ve outlined them all for you here:

1.ATA has a large pool of skilled engineering contractors available

We have been supporting the manufacturing industry for decades, which means we have built up an extensive database of contractors for our clients. We have contractors available across all types of roles, so whether it’s a hands-on manufacturing role or a senior appointment you need, ATA is able to deliver contractors suited to your exact requirements.

2.Reduced time to hire

ATA Contract has an average time to hire of 4.5 days from vacancy brief to offer acceptance. This shows that you can access those niche-skills quickly, making your business flexible and ready to cope with increases and decreases in demand.

3.Contractors are a flexible resource

The great benefit of using contractors is that you can engage with them quickly and release them quickly. Usually, contractors have a very short notice period and the process to let them go isn’t complex, you are paying for a service and if you decide you no longer need that service, you can stop using it. Contractors understand the nature of this and know they could one day be engaged on a contract and the next let go.

4.It isn’t as expensive as you think

It’s impossible to determine the cost of hiring an engineering contractor – this will completely depend on the experience they have, the work required, and the sector they’ll be operating in. Remember when you are recruiting somebody permanent, the estimated additional costs on top of the salary are 33%, which includes employers NI, holiday pay, sick pay and other benefits, this is usually reflected in the contractors hourly rate along with some additional compensation for lack of long term security. The contractor is only paid for the time they work, which is great value for money, considering how sickness pay alone can impact your annual salary bill.

5. Payroll is covered

Contractors are typically paid weekly, and we have a fantastic back office team that manages this all for you. All you have to do is approve the timesheets and we’ll do the rest. We will make sure there are no issues with the contractors pay and any queries will be dealt with by the team directly with the contractor.

6.Risk mitigated by ATA Recruitment

Our compliance team are excellent at mitigating risk, we have everything covered from making the sure the contractors have the right level of insurance through to advice on IR35. Our consultants are fully trained to offer your business advice on a process to allow you to arrive at the correct SDS (Status Determination Statement) for the contractor.

If you would like to find out more about how a contractor can support your business, whether it’s now or something you may be considering for the future, please contact us by completing the form below or emailing We would love to hear from you and discuss how we could help you.