Engineer working with laptop wearing a hard hat
Engineer working with laptop wearing a hard hat

ATA Recruitment Contractor Rates Report 2023

ATA Recruitment

​​​The ATA Recruitment Annual Contractor Charge Rates Report 2023 is available to download

With 932,000 vacancies remaining unfilled in UK industry, there continues to be a high demand for candidates to fill these roles. Clients continued to express challenges in the recruitment of permanent Engineers within the manufacturing and engineering sectors. More and more clients have turned to temporary staff and contractors to bridge the skills gap.

Covering the following disciplines, we have highlighted the average contractor charge rates across the UK as well as provided you with expert commentary from our specialist contract consultants:

  • Manufacturing

  • Engineering

  • Interim and Shared Services

If you are a contractor looking for a new assignment or a client looking to use a flexible skilled resource, then please get in touch.

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​As always, we hope the report provides you with the insight as to where your business currently sits in the market, as well as giving you some guidance on how to construct your talent strategy for 2024. If you have any questions or comments on any of the information covered in the report, please do not hesitate to get in touch.