How to choose the best engineering recruitment agency
 How to choose the best engineering recruitment agency

How to Choose the Best Engineering Recruitment Agency

Paul Dickens

If you’re a Hiring Manager that is nervous of using a recruiter, or perhaps just don’t know where to start when choosing one, this blog is for you. We address your concerns and the common misconceptions of recruitment agencies, and equip you with the tools needed to separate the good, the bad and the ugly.

The recruitment industry can be a minefield. There are nearly 40,000 recruitment agencies of all sizes to choose from and you have probably been contacted by what feels like half of them. Recruiters recently appeared in a list of the 10 least trusted professions, alongside car salespeople and bailiffs. But why?

We firmly believe the misconception of recruiters is down to us naturally remembering the bad experiences, more than the good. The ‘once bitten, twice shy’ approach is understandable, but it may be hampering your chances of finding a recruitment agency that could genuinely add value to you and your business.

There are reputable and trustworthy engineering recruitment agencies, but you need to know how to identify them. This blog will help you to do that, so keep reading to find out the tell-tale sales of a good and trustworthy recruiter that can help your business.

Do your research

We learn not to judge a book by it’s cover, but in this case, it’s important to take a look at the recruiters’ website and social media streams. It goes beyond whether the recruitment agency look good, you should also be looking out for case studies and testimonials as well as blog posts and content that demonstrates they have a real understanding of your sector and the issues your business faces.

Choose a specialist

There are a number of recruitment agencies that operate across every sector. They work in high-volumes with no particular specialism and will often use their colossal database as a selling point, but this is not always a success factor. You’re an engineering business, engage with an engineering recruitment agency – they operate in your space and they spend their days talking to engineers, developing large networks relevant to your business. As well as an understanding of the skills you’ll be looking for in candidates, technical recruiters will also know a lot about the marketplace, including average salaries and where your competition is. This will save you a lot of time during the briefing and recruitment process as you’re much more likely to receive the right match.

Ask questions

We all know to ask questions, but there are particular things to ask that will very quickly expose the quality of a recruitment agency. You will want to know their efficiencies, which essentially translates to ‘how many CVs are you going to send before there’s a candidate I’ll want to interview?’. Multiple CVs and poor matches are a waste of your time, and a high-quality recruitment business will measure themselves on these numbers and have them to hand when you ask. Other, more obvious things worth probing into are accreditations, memberships and examples of previous work.

These basic steps will leave you able to make a much more confident decision on which engineering recruitment agency to work with. Whenever looking for a recruitment service, keep these three things in mind and you’re much more likely to have a better and more efficient experience.

Engineering Recruitment

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