3 top tips for maintenance job interviews
3 top tips for maintenance job interviews

3 Top Tips for Maintenance Job Interviews

James Campbell, Recruitment Manager

Whether you’re a Maintenance Engineer that has an interview lined up, or you’re just starting applying for jobs and want to prepare early, this blog is for you. Our Maintenance Recruitment Manager, James Campbell, has compiled a list of the 3 most important interview tips that are sure to give you an advantage during your maintenance job search.

We’ve placed thousands of maintenance engineers into jobs, and in that time have perfected the art of great interview advice. Through our conversations with our clients, we know what they want to see, and we’re passing this knowledge directly on to you.

1. Use explanations and examples

When you’re nervous, it’s natural and probably easier to be vague in an interview, but you need to avoid this to increase your chances of success. If asked a question, try to always draw on a specific example of where you’ve done a great job. It’s common in maintenance interviews to be asked how you do your job - again, be specific with your explanations. Too much information is better than none at all. Review the job description for the role you’re interviewing for so you’re fully aware of what the role requires. This will help you to pin-point which real-life examples to use.

2. Demonstrate your methods of safe work

Safety is paramount in any manufacturing or maintenance environment, and you need to demonstrate that not only do you understand the importance of safety, but that your methods of work are safe. If asked about safe work, refer to points such as how you would isolate a power supply, how you would tag and lock off to ensure that the machine is safe and no harm can come to you or anybody else.

3. Don't undersell yourself

You only get one chance to make a great impression in a job interview, and modesty isn’t going to help you to stand out. There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance, but if you can strike a balance, you’re in with a much better chance. Ensure you demonstrate your technical skills and safety knowledge, you don’t want the interviewer to have any doubts that you’re the best person for the job.


When combined with great preparation such as researching the company and planning your journey, the above tips will help you to ace your next engineering job interview. Remember to also do some research on typical engineering interview questions and remember to take your certifications, identification and reference details with you.

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