The benefits of using a specialist engineering recruitment agency
The benefits of using a specialist engineering recruitment agency

The benefits of using a specialist engineering recruitment agency

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If you’re a hiring manager or internal recruiter that is considering outsourcing work to a recruitment agency, you’re in the right place. In this blog, we explain exactly what a specialist engineering recruiter is and why they may be a perfect solution for your business and hiring needs.

​There are nearly 40,000 recruitment agencies in the UK, with over 9,000 new openings in 2018 alone. There are a number of different recruiters, with some of the biggest names operating across all sectors without any particular specialism.

For the purpose of this blog, we’re going to talk about recruitment businesses that operate solely in the engineering sector, and below we’ve listed the added value this brings to your business during the hiring process.

1. True sector expertise

You’ll be working with a business, and a recruiter, that works solely with engineers. Every conversation had with both candidates and clients will revolve around the engineering market, it’s trends and the talent within it. An experienced engineering recruiter can use their knowledge to make suggestions on transferable skills and compatibility, which is insight you won’t receive elsewhere.

2. An extensive network of engineers

Experienced engineering recruiters don’t only have access to a large internal database and job boards - their number one asset is their established personal network of engineering contacts. They have access to engineering talent that won’t be available elsewhere, and this is particularly important during a skills shortage, where other recruiters may all be searching in the same place.​

3. Reputation with engineers

An established engineering recruitment business will be recognisable to most engineers. They are much more likely to engage with, and trust, a reputable recruiter that’s known for work within the engineering sector. Having a reputable recruiter on your side when searching for the best engineering talent will help to make the process much easier for your business.

Want to find out more?

Utilising not only a recruiter but an engineering specialist, will help your business to find the best talent in an increasingly competitive market. Working as an engineering recruitment partner supporting businesses across the UK, ATA has a strong track record across the automation, automotive, chemical, production and FMCG sectors.

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