COVID-19 Marshal ATA Recruitment
COVID-19 Marshal ATA Recruitment

COVID-19 Marshals Available

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As businesses begin to plan how to re-open workplaces and mobilise their staff, managing health and safety in line with Government guidance is a critical part of the planning process. So, how do businesses ensure their staff can continue to work while staying safe? To help you operate your worksite or workplace safely, ATA Recruitment can support your business with dedicated COVID-19 marshals during the coronavirus pandemic.

Supporting the industry to stay safe

​As our sister company, Ganymedecontinues to support the safe delivery of rail infrastructure projects to help keep Britain moving, COVID-19 marshals have been deployed across rail sites to ensure work is carried out safely while adhering to Government guidance. We are taking this best practice and sharing it across other sectors - COVID-19 marshals can be deployed to all types of work environments across any industry. 

How a COVID-19 marshal can help you

COVID-19 Marshal Support

Our dedicated COVID-19 marshals can support and manage:

  • Social Distancing - Your workplace will be supervised ensuring the 2-metre social distancing guidelines are adhered to at all times.

  • Correct PPE - Where a 2-metre distance can’t be maintained, they will ensure all staff have the correct PPE for the task to be carried out.

  • Welfare Facilities will be supervised and work surfaces will be regularly disinfected including contact points such as door handles.

  • Transport Checks - Vehicle occupancy will be regularly checked and marshalled in line with Government guidance.

Here to support you

Whether you're a small or large business, our COVID-19 marshals will address the concerns you may have such as:

  • How can I maintain social distancing on my workplace?

  • How to ensure my staff are safe on my workplace?

  • How will I manage my workplace in line with coronavirus (COVID-19) health and safety guidance?

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