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Engineers - Maximise your interview

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Interviews for many Engineers can be a very daunting experience, often resulting in candidates not securing the role they wanted due to poor interview performance rather than technical suitability.

Here at ATA Recruitment, we pride ourselves on the support we give our candidates through the entire recruitment process, and pre interview preparation in particular. Here is a guide on how to maximise your interview performance.

1. Research - Before the interview, make sure you take the time to thoroughly research the website of the prospective employer. Make sure you know who they are and what they do. It is also worth going on YouTube to see if the business has posted videos of their manufacturing process so you can familiarise yourself with equipment you could be working with.

2. What do you offer? Many Engineers don’t always feel comfortable selling themselves, but bear in mind an interview is in essence a sales meeting, but the product is you. So think about what makes you a suitable candidate based on your qualifications, experience, skills, motivations and values. Having pre planned this, you will find it much easier to articulate why you are a suitable candidate for the role.

3. Competency based questions

Many employers like to use these as part of the recruitment process. It’s always worth thinking about how you would deal with being asked a question such as “How do you deal with pressure” or “How do you problem solve.” We recommend the S.T.A.R technique (Situation, Task, Action, Result) which if you pre prepare for you questions that may arise it will give you more confidence in answering them.

4. Prepare questions for the interviewer - It’s normal interview etiquette that the interviewer will ask the interviewee what questions they have. If by the end of the interview you have nothing to ask, does this make the interviewer question how interested you are? By having a number of questions prepared it will allow you to showcase your interest in the opportunity. You can ask the obvious ones like what’s the role, hours, training etc. Also try to have some slightly more probing ones such as what are the plans for the department, what’s great about working here, how does the business want to improve?

5. Plan your route There’s nothing worse than arriving late for an interview, it instantly starts the interview on a negative, so plan your route and make sure you allow yourself enough time to get there.

6. Body language Firm handshake, good eye contact and a smile are all good ways to show the interviewer you are in tune with them and the discussion. Try and avoid folding your arms, as closed body language always puts doubt in the interviewers mind.

7. Enjoy itAn interview should be a 2-way process so whilst it’s important for both parties to assess each other’s suitability, it’s just as important to build rapport and see if you can work together.

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