Personality psychometric assessments in recruitment
Personality psychometric assessments in recruitment

Thomas International Behavioural Assessment


Unlock the potential of every potential leader of your business by making the complex nature of human behaviour, aptitude, personality and emotional intelligence easier to understand.

Our consultants are accredited practitioners in the world renown Thomas International, a psychometric assessment tool which gives you more insight into the leaders you are hiring. When coupled with ATA Search's extensive selection process, you can be confident that not only have you taken essential feedback on board from your own interview process, but that you have applied metric assessment to support your decision making too.


An employer who understands the behavioural and communication styles of their employees will be better equipped when recruiting new employees as well as developing and managing their existing talent pool. Based on Marston’s DISC theory, the Thomas Behaviour assessment can help you to:

  • Build stronger teams in traditional and hybrid working environments

  • Reduce interpersonal conflict

  • Find the right candidate for your role and your business

  • Onboard, manage and motivate individuals more effectively through individually tailored advice

  • Understand how comfortable your people will be working remotely

  • See how resilient your people are, and what support they might need

  • Conduct better interviews with personalised interview guides to help delve into individuals’ limitations

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Get an accurate prediction of a person’s potential to grasp a new role with the Thomas Aptitude assessment. Understanding the capabilities of your people will equip you to keep them engaged by challenging them to an appropriate level. The assessment can also enable you to identify potential future leaders and is especially effective when used alongside the Thomas Personality assessment.

The Aptitude assessment looks at an individual’s speed of processing information as well as their ability to learn and develop new skills. It can help businesses to:

  • Beat the Skills Gap by hiring individuals that can quickly learn the necessary skills for a role

  • Identify the best potential leaders from a talent network

  • More accurately predict the likelihood of success in a role

  • Better retain your people by keeping them challenged

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Understanding a person’s personality traits provides valuable insight into how they approach their work and their potential for success in a role as well as for leadership positions. Based on the renowned and respected Big Five model, the Thomas Personality assessment gives deep insight into individuals, helping organisations to understand:

  • What support they may need

  • How well will they cope in stressful situations

  • How they handle change

  • If they have a strong work ethic

  • If they are comfortable with the unknown

  • How they deal with difficult conversations

  • If they will thrive in a competitive environment

  • If they would be a good candidate for a leadership position

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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EI) is how well a person understands and manages their emotions and the emotions of others, as well as how they use this knowledge to manage relationships. Developing these skills is critical in the workplace, with strong emotional intelligence being linked to high performance, and is especially important in leadership positions. The Thomas Emotional Intelligence assessment measures EI, providing answers to questions such as:

  • How aware are your people of their strengths and limitations?

  • How adaptable are they to change?

  • How can they understand the emotions of others?

  • How does an individual handle conflict?

  • Does this person excel at developing relationships?

  • How self-motivated and adaptable is this person?

  • How does this person react to pressure?

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360 Feedback

It’s said that people don’t leave a bad company, they leave a bad manager. Bad managers aren’t usually intentionally bad, they just need some guidance, support, and development. Use Thomas assessments to find your managers’ limitations and areas for development, and then track the progress of their development using Thomas 360.

  • Quickly and easily create your own competency framework

  • Library of templates also available

  • Easily monitor progress of development plans

  • Support leadership and manager development

  • Enable your people to see the impact they have

These assessments not only compliments your recruitment process but can also help support your current team, find out more about our Team Evaluation Assessments, and undertake a comprehensive review of your leadership team whilst preparing your business for any potential challenges and successes of the future.