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Thomas International Behavioural Assessment

ATA Search provides you with consultants who are accredited practitioners in the world renown Thomas International, a psychometric assessment tool which gives you more insight into the leaders you are hiring. When coupled with ATA Search's extensive selection process, you can be confident that not only have you taken essential feedback on board from your own interview process, but that you have applied metric assessment to support your decision making too.

Based around the DISC assessment theory, you will understand which traits (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Conscientiousness) are the key characteristics you need in specific roles to help your organisation thrive.

This process not only compliments your recruitment process but also can help support your current team, find out more about Team Evaluation Assessments or contact one of the team who will be able to give you further information on how Thomas International can create a clear plan of your leadership team now and into the challenges and successes of the future.

What Do You Get?

Thomas International Benefits

Job Creation

Work alongside an accredited consultant to create a specific profile for the role you are recruiting for, taking into consideration the most important aspects of the position, your current team and your long term business goals. Not only will this assessment help benchmark individuals at second interview stage, it will also help you shape the job creation process, which can be a challenging task in itself.

​Personal Profile Analysis (PPA)

We will assess a shortlist of applicants at second interview stage against this specific behavioural profile. Unlike other psychometric assessments, this analysis provides an accurate insight into how people behave in a professional environment. By comparing the job and the personal profile, we will be able to indicate who is a great match for your role and organisation and this also allows you to understand the behaviours of the person and how they can be managed.

​Interview Questions

Our interview guidance will help you get a more thorough understanding of what areas you need to question your candidates on in relation to the specific job. Your consultant will review the job and the PPA and work alongside you to ensure you are equipped with all the questions you need to make an informed decision.


After you have made your decision and offered the position, your consultant will provide you with a thorough onboarding report, consisting of information on what you can expect from your new hire, including their personal style and characteristics, areas of responsibility which would suit them and how to manage, motivate, support and communicate with them. It will also give you guidance on their future development and the best way to maximise their potential.

​Behavioural Assessments

Understanding a person's behavioural style will allow you to evaluate their fit for certain roles.

Behavioural Styles