How Time Management
How time management Is the key to success

How Time Management is the Source of Success

Paul Dickens

​ATA Recruitment Operations Director, Paul Dickens, started with us shortly after University as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant. Now running the operations of the business, Paul puts part of his success down to his time management and organisation.

It’s no secret that being organised and managing your time means that you will work more efficiently, but Paul is a prime example of how this translates into real career success. When talking about his progression with ATA, Paul said:

“By planning my diary, implementing processes (and sticking to them!) good habits were introduced and the ‘basics’ of my role took care of themselves. It meant the time I had with my manager was more valuable – we didn’t need to cover the fundamentals of the role anymore, I was able to learn more complex strategies and techniques. After this, opportunities for development and progression followed. I wasn’t the most naturally organised person but realised quickly I was spending too much time on unimportant tasks. I was introduced to the Eisenhower Matrix, which allowed me to assess what actually needed my focus, what could wait and what was a waste of time.”

How to be more organised at work

Our Talent Acquisition Manager, Rachael Bailey, sat down with Paul to discuss what his top 5 tips would be for somebody who wants to know how to be more organised at work and improve their time management, they are:

Utilise the tools available – Use the technology made available to you. Use the tasks in your CRM system, use your Outlook calendar and other resources your company puts in place to help you. They are there for a reason and they work.

Plan ahead – If you plan the following day before you leave the office, the next day is easier. If you have goals you need to complete by the end of the week/month, plan for them. What may seem like a chore initially, will become a habit.

Be disciplined – Ensure you complete the tasks you have set out for yourself. There is no point in planning ahead and then letting things build up. Have a daily clear down of tasks and emails.

Focus on the important, not the urgent – By utilising the Eisenhower Matrix, you will begin to recognise what is important, prioritise these things!

Be flexible – This may sound like an oxymoron, but you do also need to create flexibility in your planning. Despite best intentions, things don’t always go as scheduled. When this happens, take a step back, reassess and reorganise your priorities.

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