Managing a sales team
Managing a sales team

5 Tips for Managing a Recruitment Sales Team

Mark Lamb, Divisional Manager

Are you an experienced recruiter considering a step up into management? Are you wondering what it takes to be a good manager in sales or recruitment? If so, this blog is perfect for you.

We’ve spoken to our Divisional Manager, Mark Lamb, about his tips for upcoming and aspiring recruitment and sales leaders. Mark has worked with ATA for over 14 years and manages a team of 15 Recruitment Consultants. Read his 5 top tips below:

1. Be transparent with challenging but realistic targets

I make it my mission to ensure that every team member, new or existing, always knows what is expected from them. Make sure your team knows their weekly, monthly and annual targets, and they’re challenging enough to push them, but realistic enough to be achievable. Setting unattainable targets can result in low morale within the team and ultimately a higher staff turnover rate.

2. Help them to succeed and measure success

There’s no bigger kick from my job than seeing my team achieve success, whether it’s a big fee booked or simply overcoming a challenging phone call or managing a difficult client, it never gets old. Provide your recruiters with the tools that will enable them to succeed, and make sure you’re measuring their success! Recruiters, especially top performers, are driven and competitive and so measurability is essential.

3. Allow them freedom to develop (and make mistakes)

Mistakes happen in recruitment, and they aren’t usually catastrophic. Allow your team the freedom to develop and learn from their mistakes, as often it will make them better Recruiters. Encouraging your team to go beyond what they think is possible will ultimately result in a happier and more driven team, which is likely to also result in more sales being made in the long run.

4. Be honest and consistent

Consistency is so important in management. Set your expectations and stick to them. Moving the goalposts, or frequently changing your mind, will not have a positive effect on your recruitment team. Be open and honest about being unhappy with the results, or activities, but also be as vocal when things are going well. Your team will come to know what to expect, and performances should be as consistent as you are.

5. Don’t take everything too seriously!

Being a great results-driven Recruitment Manager doesn’t mean you need to be unapproachable or too serious all the time. I can usually be found with a smile on my face and this has a hugely positive effect on my team. I think ruling with an iron first is outdated – if the job is being done, and the results are being produced, relax a little and let your team feel comfortable with you around.

Mark has over a decade of experience in successfully managing Recruiters and adapting these tips to your own recruitment management job will help you to be successful in managing salespeople.

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We believe in progression and development and our completely homegrown management team is evidence of this – even our Operations Director started as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant!

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