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Working in Recruitment in the Engineering Sector

Rachael Bailey-Frost, Talent Manager

​Recruitment is one of the fastest growing professional sectors at present. While this means there is no shortage of opportunities offered, it does mean that when embarking on a career in recruitment, it can be difficult to decide on which sector in the right sector for you to move into.

A career in recruitment offers you a detailed insight into your chosen sector and most Consultants end up becoming experts in their field, inevitably ending up becoming nearly – if not as – informed as their Candidates and Clients. It is the job of a Recruitment Consultant to immerse themselves into their chosen sector; the more knowledgeable you become, the more successful you will be. Most people embark on a career in recruitment for two reasons; you can progress and develop quickly, and you can earn a lot of money while you are doing it. With so much choice on offer, it is important to think commercially about which sector you choose. It is a difficult job – help yourself be as successful as possible by choosing a marketplace that is lucrative and that is growing. If you can also couple this with a genuine passion for the area you work in, you are winning!

I will be totally honest; I had no real knowledge of the Engineering Sector or any real interest in it. After only a few months in role, I not only began to understand why it is a sector that interests so many people but can also see the commercial benefits from a recruitment perspective.

Buoyant Market

It is one of the most buoyant markets at present, with no signs of slowing down; according to REC, Engineering & Technical and Construction are in top 3 markets in which we expect to see consistent need for permanent staff in the upcoming months

Export Sales

Export sales are increasing; while it is frustrating when going abroad that the pound is so weak at present, it actually has a good impact on our economy. Products that are manufactured here can be exported worldwide at a cheaper cost which will cause growth in our manufacturing sector – creating more jobs

Skills Shortage

There is a skills shortage; meaning Clients are struggling to find skilled engineers themselves increasing the need to use Consultancies within the sector


Investment; a large number of projects are financed by the Government, with over £500 billion worth of planned private and public investment into transportation and infrastructure improvements alone. This investment is only going to increase, creating stability and more demand within the sector

Engineering Recruitment

It’s exciting; the term ‘engineering’ covers such a wide spectrum and is literally relevant in every part of our lives and simple things - how a door opens, how a car runs, how your daily coffee or sandwich is packaged - were all designed by an engineer. Engineering is everywhere, which makes it instantly interesting to us all


​We believe that we give our Consultants everything they need to start a long-term, rewarding recruitment career. We work exclusively in one of the most lucrative sectors and our employees are all experts in their specific fields, meaning we have a wealth of knowledge we are just waiting to pass down to our new Consultants. This, coupled with an amazing commission structure (you WILL take home at least a third of what you bill) and structured routes of progression mean that for those of you wanting a new challenge have the best chance of succeeding with us.

Due to growth, Ganymede and ATA Recruitment have a number of positions available in the East Midlands and London – and are keen to speak to ambitious individuals. Whether you are a recruitment novice or an experienced recruitment professional, we could have the exciting new role you have been waiting for.

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